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Recently the Dalby Trisports committee took the decision that we will be unable to

hold the 2022 Dalby Triathlon for financial reasons. This has been caused by the huge

increase in cost which we would incur to comply with the new (1/12/2021) Queensland

Governments regulations for traffic management for temporary events.

Traffic control for past events has cost in the vicinity of $2,500.00. To comply with

the newly introduced regulations it will cost us somewhere between $13,000.00 and

$16,000.00 for traffic management to stage the event.

The committee felt that we have no option but to cancel the event at this time. While

we were able to attract some new sponsors we lost out naming rights sponsor, and so

even with reducing prize money and increasing entry fees the event would still have run

at a considerable loss.

The committee will continue to make esquires and attempt to find a way of reducing

the traffic management cost. We hope to be able to stage the event in the future.

Thank you to everyone who has participated in the triathlon in previous years, the volunteers

who have helped stage the event and our sponsors, hopefully we will be able to

stage the event at some time in the future.

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